Why Choose Us

Credit Miracles Credit Repair was built on a strong foundation. Our foundation consists of integrity, personification, and prosperity. These are the key things that we implement when working on each clients credit profile. We know the core value of life and let’s face it; financial freedom is a contribution to that aspect. We value our relationship with our clients and the people of our local communities. Your benefits of working with our company are having our knowledgeable hard-working specialist to remove inaccurate, unverifiable & outdated information from your credit report while providing you the knowledge you need to build a solid credit profile and continue increasing your scores even after you have finished our program. If you’re are willing to invest in yourself to reach your goals then we are ready to help!
These are just some of the reasons why you should choose us:
Simply put, our vision is your vision. Our intent is to help you reach your goal whether it’s purchasing a home, financing a car or just acquiring good credit for low interest rates. As a client you would be putting your trust in us to help you along the way, and we take that seriously!

Got Questions?

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Marketta S

I began working with this company when it was new. The owner handled my credit repair herself. It took less than 6 months to get incorrect things off. Not only did thing get deleted but she had great advice on building my credit and very knowledgeable about credit cards because i thought they were all bad. I sent my husband to this company because he really need help and we needed to fix our credit to buy a house. She got things off that wasn’t done by him and more. I recommend this company to be almost every week because it was a good experience and they actually do the work that’s needed. She responds quickly to your needs and questions and everything is explained to you when you start the process. I am grateful because no one in my family knew anything about credit and because of this company i have the knowledge to pass down to my kids.

Mikayla A

Credit Miracles Credit Repair is an incredible company, they are not after your money and it shows! They will go above and beyond with communication every step of the way and in my case once they had completed everything they could for my credit report they automatically stopped charging man and gave me a final call to discuss everything. I think in a time where companies are looking to squeeze every last cent out of the consumer this is admirable and I have already recommended them to a few people and will continue to do so in the future! Thank you Credit Miracles Credit Repair Team!!

Janecia B

I was super nervous about the credit repair process. With so many companies out here I had searched for the right one for me. Seeing results from other people is what made me sign up and it’s the best decision I have ever made. Everyone from the owner to my account representative is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Any questions I have are answered. I have been recommending everyone that I can!!