“We Don’t Just Fix Credit, But We Change Lives!”

  • We have more than 6 years of Credit Restoration experience.

  • We average 100 points increase to credit scores through our guidance.

  • We legally and permanently remove inaccurate and unverifiable information.

  • Results within 180 days or your money back.

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How Does Credit Repair Work

Speak with a Credit Specialist

Once you call in you will speak with a credit specialist who will tell you about our program, answer any questions that you have, and determine if our services is what’s best for you.

Enroll Online or by Phone

Next is the enrollment process which can be done online or over the phone whichever you’re most comfortable with which you will gain access to our client portal to track updates each month, set up your card details for draft or one time payment, and complete onboarding which is no more than 10 minutes.

Let the Restoration Process Begin

Now that you have spoke with a specialist, and enrolled it’s time to start the restoration process! You will be assigned one credit repair specialist that will work on your credit profile each month by sending letters to the 3 major credit bureaus, and creditors on each account that you would like challenged because of errors.
While we are working on the deletions each month you will work on building your credit history and maintain positive credit habits so that this process is an easy one. Results cannot be guaranteed, and the timeframe on how long it will take is undetermined once we review your credit report we can provide an estimate only of how long it may take.

Graduation for Credit Restoration

Our goal is to get each client to a fair credit score of 660+
Each month together we will collectively work towards that goal Credit Miracles Credit Repair will do 80%, and the client will have to do 20% or it simply won’t work. While in the program you will gain a better understanding of credit so that once you’re done you can continue those same positive habits that we teach to continue with a credit increase!

What We Offer

Whats Included

Money Back Guarantee

Refund Policy

An Assigned Credit Specialist 

Monthly Updates

24/7 Client Portal Access

Email/Phone Customer Support

Credit Education

Unlimited Disputes

Required Credit Monitoring


Monthly Plan 

$99 a Month Single

$135 a Month Couple
Start-Up Fee: $99.99 Per Person

6 Month Plan

$453.99 Single 

$699.99 Couple

9 Month Plan

$749.99 Single 

$999.99 Couple

Monthly Plan

$$9999 per person Enrollment Fee

6 Months Of Credit Restoration

$One TimeFee

9 Months Of Credit Restoration

$One TimeFee

If You have Questions Call

Hear From Our Clients

Credit Miracles have helped me tremendously. From bettering the management of my finances to saving money by lowering my interest rates on all major purchases. Even some minor purchases. Overall this company has made life easier for me. Customer service is superb. A company with integrity, commitment, and outstanding support.. I would recommend this company to anyone. Not only the best rates in the state of Alabama, but the best results!
- Anthony M

I started with Credit Miracle back in October now 2 months later 47 items have been removed from my credit. They are very professional. If you have questions, they have answers. If you looking for someone to repair your credit you should definitely choose Credit Miracles

- Bre'anna M
Lasundia and her staff are very professional, knowledgeable at what they do, and go above and beyond to assist their clients! I’ve been nothing but satisfied with the service and my results since joining a couple of months ago. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to repair their credit!
- Ashley S
Literally the best person to work with especially with your credit. The staff makes you feel so comfortable and they’re very speedy, professional yet engaged and dedicated to helping you. I recommend Credit Miracles to anyone looking for your credit to be better than it ever was !
- Ashley L
I appreciate the professional and friendly services I am currently receiving from the staff at Credit Miracles and Student Loan Services. Lasundia and her team offer a great deal of knowledge and keep you updated on the progress. Since joining the Credit Miracles team, I have seen a significant improvement. Services are also VERY affordable! Join today!
- Jessie R
I absolutely loved working with Credit Miracles. I joined in April 2020, and saw a combined increase of 406 points when my credit specialist updated my credit report today.
If you need credit repair I promise you this is the company for you!! They’re so knowledgeable and know exactly what’s needed to increase your credit. You better believe you also put work in but the process is so smooth!

-Myeesha T

Thank you so much credit repair in a matter of 30 days my credit score has improved tremendously you guys removed literally 7 accounts in a matter of days I appreciate everything you have done for me

- Candice S

Their team and service are very prompt, helpful, and professional!! They’re excellent in communicating and the results of the repair itself are amazing! And yes they are AFFORDABLE!

- Sherryl N

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a pretty normal question to ask: The honest answer is that it depends — on your goals, and the plan selected…However most of our clients see results within the first 30-45 days. That’s actually one of the best parts of choosing Credit Miracles.
We look at your individual situation and build your own personal Game Plan accordingly. Your Game Plan focuses on the areas that will make the most impact. We at Credit Miracles get to work quickly to make sure your creditors are being responsible regarding the information they’re reporting about you.

We’re now opened from 8am-6pm.

As you’re looking over your credit situation, a question pops up: what if most or even all of my negative items are accurate? Will credit repair still work for me? Looking at your credit report itself you may not be able to locate the errors found, but we specialize in finding those errors by analyzing all 3 credit bureaus at a time. One thing is Creditors sell very critical information about you every day. It’s information that can affect almost everything in your life, from your car payment to your house to your job. So, it’s important to make sure that that information is as substantiated, timely, accurate and fair to you as absolutely possible. A lot goes into these definitions. This is where the Credit Miracles as experts come in. So, see what the process can do for you. We’ve surprised many with how much it is possible.

To know whether credit repair is worth it, you just have to look at what your credit account is made of. Also, how credit impacts your every day life and these days it seems like credit is EVERYTHING!
When you start realizing how far it goes, and how much money you can save just making this small investment you’ll be amazed.
Not having ideal credit can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of a home or car loan. It can keep you from getting insurance coverage or even a job. It can make even everyday needs and decisions more difficult.

We are based in Montgomery, Al currently our experts work from home, but as we begin to expand locations will be built.
However, our advisors are available by phone at 800-544-2247 or email at sales@miraclesofcredit.com enabling us to help clients without having to have an office in your area.

Each credit bureau has access to different information. As a result, different information creates different scores. The advantage of a 3-bureau report is readily identifying discrepancies: just because you don’t have a collection on one report doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist if another bureau is reporting that collection.

No, but if it is past the statute of limitations for the creditor to file a lawsuit it will be much harder for them to try to collect it from you.

NO! One of the biggest misconceptions among customers is that paying a collection will cause the score to go up. This is not true. In fact, your score is likely to go down.

There is no fast and easy answer to this question. The time it takes to repair your credit is completely dependent upon your personal situation. The game plan created and plan selected is designed for you to complete the program within 90-180 days. We work with you, but we also need you to work with us.

  • Yes, you can. There is technically nothing a credit repair agency can do that you can’t do yourself. However, you need to be willing to put in the work and educate yourself about credit law. In fact, you can find DIY kits and other resources like books online that will give you the tools necessary to begin yourself.
  • Keep in mind, however, that it is a lot of work contacting agencies and creditors. The process of trying to work out settlements and verify information can be daunting. For this reason, many people choose to have credit repair company to do this work on their behalf. Not only are they diligent in their work, they also know the ins-and-outs of credit repair better than anyone.

Credit Repair is actually the process of removing inaccurate, unfounded, out of date, false, and erroneous information from your credit report. Your credit report dictates your credit score. The 3 major credit bureaus collect information from lenders, creditors, and debt collectors and apply it to your credit report. Based on that information, your credit score is determined. This information could include the balances on loans or credit cards, credit inquiries, debt to income ratio, and most importantly, credit utilization (the percentage of debt you have to available credit)

Yes, we adhere to a very strict privacy policy that protects all of your valuable information.  All client information is protected on a secure server and backed up routinely. To ensure documents are not compromised, we shred all paper documents after saving them in our database.  We use secure computer terminals as well as an encrypted database. Every Credit Miracles employee is trained to properly verify customer information and never to disclose this information to unauthorized parties.  Please review our privacy policy for further information.

Though you do sign a customer contract, they do not have mandatory service terms. We strictly provide a monthly service that you may cancel at anytime. Please remember, we only bill on 1st or either the 15th of every month for the work that has been completed the month prior.
Just like a utility provider, you are liable for your final months payment after cancelling our service.

That answer really depends on your personal goals. Whatever your personal credit and financial goals are, it’s important to remember that credit repair is not an overnight “quick-fix” and takes time. Many people can start to see an increase in their score in as little as 30 days but the process of going from bad credit to good credit typically takes much longer. Your score didn’t get bad overnight and it doesn’t improve that way either.

Credit repair works best for people that have already come out of their personal recession. Are you able to afford your existing bills and lifestyle but are being held back from getting good (or any) financing on a new car, home, or loan? If so, we want to talk to you.

Yes, We can help send a Cease and Desist to ask them not to call anymore.

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Our terms & conditions & affiliate disclosures

Our terms & conditions & affiliate disclosures

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