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Everything Needed To Fix Your Credit E-book ($39)

Step by Steps tools on changing your life and improving those scores!

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24/48 Hour Inquiry Removal ($19.99)

This is a script that you will follow to call each bureau to remove those unauthorized inquiries.

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Equifax Credit Boost ($29)

Use this BOOST if you’re having issues with Equifax.
This kit helps you delete your previous addresses on ALL 3 Bureaus.

  • Delete all your previous addresses.

  • Delete the majority of your negative credit within 180 days.

This is the very same technique that most Credit Repair Companies including our company charge you to do on your behalf.
This kit will show you how to delete the old addresses from your report, which will, in turn, help you get more deletions.

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Denied to Approved ($24.99)

This kit will teach you, step-by-step, how to add positive credit to your report within the next 60 days, regardless of your credit score.

  • Establish New Credit w/ Guaranteed Approval

  • Add Diversify and Strengthen Your Credit Profile

  • Get Approved For Unsecured Credit with a deposit of $200.

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Platinum Dispute Letters ($59)

  • STEP 1: Get Your Reports
    – IdentityIQ- – Includes Reports, Scores & Monitoring

  • STEP 2: Make Payment
    One person $59

  • Your full name.
    Attach Your credit report

Once we receive confirmation (15 minutes after you’ve done all the steps)
We’ll analyze your reports & draft your custom dispute letters that you will mail yourself.
You will receive your file via email within 72 hours with full instructions on how to use each letter.

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