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“Improve your life by improving your credit.” Lasundia Reese began her journey towards her successful career by first dipping her toes in the credit repair world for herself. Before helping others, she helped herself. When she first started was helping others free of cost in improving their overall credit and allowing them to avail things that were previously unavailable to them. Lasundia is a driven, kind-hearted, and warm soul that has set her heart on making sure that her clients get what they deserve. She started her company in 2018 and since then has helped numerous people manage their student loan debt, get approved for loans with low-interest rates, become homeowners, and successful business owners. That is truly the dream life! Even though her company is quite successful Lasundia continues researching ways to improve business to become a better person and help more people. She is certified for business credit and student loans.

She is also certified by the Credit Repair Association and graduated from the Credit Repair University in July 2019. She enjoys giving back to the community, helping the homeless and those in need.
Lasundia is an individual who understands the hardships of life and so endeavors to make it easier on others, and what is more relieving than getting your credit score repaired and being approved for things that you were previously denied due to a low credit score?
Today hundreds of people have better credit scores.
She helps all her clients equally and without hesitation.
Life often gives you lemons, take a little from Lasundia and turn it into sweet lemonade.

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Here’s how our service works

Once You Sign up,

Once You Sign up, we create a game plan to help you reach your goal.

Instant Access

You’ll have instant access to start tracking your progress.

Complete the Process

Once you complete the onboarding process we start sending out letters immediately!

Complete the Program

Each month we will work to remove as many negative accounts as possible, and give you the tools you need to build your credit and how to maintain good credit once you’ve completed the program.

Hear From Our Clients

Credit Miracles have helped me tremendously. From bettering the management of my finances to saving money by lowering my interest rates on all major purchases. Even some minor purchases. Overall this company has made life easier for me. Customer service is superb. A company with integrity, commitment, and outstanding support.. I would recommend this company to anyone. Not only the best rates in the state of Alabama, but the best results!
- Anthony M

I started with Credit Miracle back in October now 2 months later 47 items have been removed from my credit. They are very professional. If you have questions, they have answers. If you looking for someone to repair your credit you should definitely choose Credit Miracles

- Bre'anna M
Lasundia and her staff are very professional, knowledgeable at what they do, and go above and beyond to assist their clients! I’ve been nothing but satisfied with the service and my results since joining a couple of months ago. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to repair their credit!
- Ashley S
Literally the best person to work with especially with your credit. The staff makes you feel so comfortable and they’re very speedy, professional yet engaged and dedicated to helping you. I recommend Credit Miracles to anyone looking for your credit to be better than it ever was !
- Ashley L
I appreciate the professional and friendly services I am currently receiving from the staff at Credit Miracles and Student Loan Services. Lasundia and her team offer a great deal of knowledge and keep you updated on the progress. Since joining the Credit Miracles team, I have seen a significant improvement. Services are also VERY affordable! Join today!
- Jessie R

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